Smart, Sleek, Serious Street Cred!

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The new CVap® product line features sleek aesthetic upgrades and smart controls including capacitive-touch controls,a USB/Audio port, and HACCP Data Download capability. Not only can it perfectly cook almost anything you throw at it, it can rock your favorite tunes whole doing it. No matter what your needs are, there’s a Cvap model for every kitchen.


Though it’s a sophisticated improvement, at the heart of this product line is CVap technology, Winston’s patented dual heat system that serves up consistently great food. Talk about serious street cred!


  • Series 7 – The Series 7 has all the bells and whistles. KitchenSYNC wireless connectivity makes programming as simple as the wave of an android phone or NFS Card. Switchable convection control means tailoring the fan to suit your needs. Probe cooking makes precision doneness practically foolproof. It doesnn’t get better than this!


  • Series 5 – Delivers the performance you’ve come to expect from CVap equipment, but adds sleek curved lines, improved drain function, larger windows, and hidden hinges. And of course, the fantastic performance you’ve come to expect from CVap technology.


  • Series 3 – Get the versatility of a cook & hold in a small footprint. This diminutive dynamo has the same aesthetic upgrades as the Series 5 and 7, but is designed to function on a 120-volt circuit, making it perfect for operations with big needs, but limited space and power.



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