Sous-Vide-Que Ribs Re-Engineered!

Part 2

In our last post (CVap Sous Vide Barbecue, Sort Of!) we showed you how to use our CVap® Smoker to make great barbecued baby back ribs two ways: under vacuum (sous vide style) and bagless (sous vide re-engineered). We were inspired by our friends at Amazing Ribs. They recommend a method for St. Louis Cut Sous-Vide-Que  that was inspired by Kenji Lopez-Alt at Serious Eats. We decided to try that method next. Check out our process below and you might get a little Kentucky Fried surprise at the end! 



  1. Remove membrane from ribs and rinse.
  2. Cut each rack in half (full slab will not fit in vacuum bag)
  3. Rub mayonnaise on all sides of the ribs.
  4. Liberally sprinkle Memphis Dust on all sides of ribs.
  5. Weigh each ½ slab of ribs.
  6. Vacuum seal each ½ slab of ribs in vacuum sealer, using high temp bags.
  7. Allow ribs to rest in refrigerator for a minimum of six hours.
  8. Preheat CVap RTV5-05UV to 150°F water temperature and sous-vide setting for air temperature.
  9. Place prepared ribs into oven and cook the ribs for 18 hours.
  10. Remove ribs and weigh for yield.
  11. If preferred, place on grill and crisp, then finish with another dusting of Memphis Dust.
After slathering with mayo, dust with rub seasonings.
Bagged ribs ready for the oven.
Cooked ribs, still in bags, removed from the oven.
Finishing on the grill.

Some may question why cook ribs for 18 hours? There are multiple answers.

  • Consistency
  • Controlled quality time in and time out
  • All the labor up front
  • Allows you to produce ribs in non-peak operating hours
  • Perfect ribs may be removed from the bag and finished on the grill and served to your customer in minutes, not hours
  • Shelf life of ribs are extended, and only have to be finished when your customer orders them. Makes inventory management a breeze and reduces food waste.

The beauty of fabricating St. Louis ribs is that you get the beautiful byproducts of short ribs and rib tips. Guess what – we sous vide those too! But we weren’t done with them yet! Since we are the inventors of the best pressure fryer in the business, we thought it would be neat to bread and fry our short ribs and ribs tips. We took one of our favorite coatings and breaded the sous vide rib tips and short ribs, then fried them in our Collectramatic for three minutes at 330°F. Talk about tasty! Tender juicy rib meat with crispy tasty texture! YUM! A Kentucky fried surprise!

Who says fryers are just for chicken?
Safety first – always!

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